The Road to the Promise Land

From grassroots to national level, my internship with SEATINI has strengthened my capacity around food security and agri-policy issues in Uganda, including issues of trade liberalisation and development throughout the East African Communities. I have also been learning a lot about the many challenges and opportunities faced by small scale farmers in maize production at… Read More The Road to the Promise Land

Love Happens Everywhere!

You have just seen photos of my colleagues brother, Charles, and his fiance, Maureen, as they celebrated their Introduction (also called Kwanjula) ceremony last weekend. “Kwanjula” means to introduce. During this ceremony, the bride-to-be formally introduces her future husband and his people to her parents, relatives and friends. The ceremony usually takes place in the bride’s hometown,… Read More Love Happens Everywhere!

Learning about Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Uganda

There are some benefits to being a part of the Kampala QES Scholars trio that is I, Rachel and Jeremy, one being automatically assumed a passenger in some really cool activities. Saturday these activities included standing on the Equator, visiting a colleague’s hometown and then stumbling upon a camp loaded with crocodiles. Around 9 am… Read More Learning about Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Uganda

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Volunteer Aid – A Critical Reflection

There is a lot of criticism out there today toward the pitfalls of volunteering abroad. Though volunteering can be a significant source of aid in achieving local development, the expansion of the volunteering industry is now primarily driven by Western capitalism rather than by normative values of international development and global solidarity. In spite of… Read More The Benefits and Pitfalls of Volunteer Aid – A Critical Reflection


It is phenomenal how much one person can change in just two months. Eight weeks post arrival in Kampala and I already feel both the rewards and challenges of living abroad. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and my ‘capacity building’ for new knowledge is constantly on overdrive. Consequently, the more time I… Read More Introspection