A Little Piece of Home – 5 Days in Rwanda

After just arriving home to our apartment in Kampala late last night, I find myself back at my desk at Seatini reflecting on what an incredible and jam-packed 5 days I have just experienced in Kigali, Rwanda. It all started one month ago when Rachel’s two friends Erica and William (both Canadian and have studied/lived in Halifax, small world huh?) stayed with us for a weekend while travelling in Uganda for work. Being the fun, kind, humble, friendly, interesting and caring people that they are, we didn’t want them to go! But we were beyond excited with the promise to visit them at their respective home in Kigali, where they have been living and working for a few years. One month later this promise turned into an exciting reality, finding ourselves on our way to RWANDA! After a few hiccups at the airport (for more details see Rachel’s Blog) we were welcomed by two glowing, familiar faces. Five days zoomed by, packed full of trips to the market, museum tours, an annual music festival, french toast and pancake breakfasts, days relaxing at the lake and by the pool, s’mores during a bonfire and a visit to a local clinic. It is amazing to think how being so far away from Canada I managed to find a little piece of home!

Lots of photos below!

Market Adventures

Bought some traditional Rwandan fabric called Kitenge to make a skirt, and potentially some really awesome pillow covers/curtains! Also bought some place mats and hand-woven colorful bowls!

Our great finds from the Market and Photos from around Erica and William’s Home

Kigali Up Music Festival (July 25 and 26)

Muccho band and Eddy Kenzo put on a great show!

Day at the Pool

Day at Lake Muhazi

These are just a few photos from our trip to the lake. Unfortunately my camera died half-way through but it was a fun day of exploring, paddle boating, and eating lunch on the “floating restaurant”!

Morning at the Clinic

Our last morning in Rwanda was a very special one. Erica volunteers twice a week at a local Prenatal and Postpartum public service clinic and invited us to sit-in and observe on her check-ups (with her clients permission of course). Some women travel as far as 10 kms by foot for the free service. With the increasingly popularity of the initiative, the clinic takes on up to 7 new clients per week on a first-come first-serve basis. The nature of the meetings included weigh-ins, blood pressure checks, listening for the babies heartbeat, and discussions about health care, family planning, and challenges the women are facing at home. Here are some photos of a session with Erica’s patient and friend – she is 35 weeks pregnant and glowing!


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