A Day at Mpanga National Forest Park!

In light of the weekend, my fellow Mzungus and I took a gamble for some adventure. Instead of staying in the apartment, we opted for a day trip to Mpanga Forest, a National park and forest reserve located about 30 kms out of the city. The whole journey would cost about 30,000 Ugandan shillings (about 12 dollars Canadian) and that included our park fair, the boda to and from the taxi stand and our taxi ride. The Taxi Park called Nateete looked something like that:

download (1)

And the Taxi something like this:


For the second time (this time for longer), I experienced a Ugandan Taxi Bus. The crowded, rickety 10 seater SUV was, I have to admit, sort of enjoyable. I even made a friend who called me not twice, but three times later that day to make sure we made it home safely. Seriously, people are so nice here.

Here are some photos from our adventure in the Forest, and from our walk afterwards to “Drum Village”. The baseline trail was about 6 km and featured many large, colorful butterflies, crawly caterpillars and a few black and white casqued Hornbirds.

To read more about Hornbirds and the Mpanga Ecotourism Site, follow this link: http://nfa-mpanga.blogspot.com/





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