Journey Through the Ice Age!

April 14, 2014

The first half of my Easter break was spent at my Norwegian friend Ole’s cabin in Rosendal, Norway. Words can never explain how grateful I am to have made such amazing, long lasting friends here! Once we landed in Rosendal, Ole picked us up from the Ferry, and drove us to his cabin in the mountains. He took us fishing on his boat, as well as mountain climbing! The best part was when he drove us high up in the mountains to see the glaciers – it was really something! In addition to the beautiful Norwegian scenery, I indulged with three days and nights of great company, cooking delicious dinners together, cooking s’mores by the camp fire, learning new Norwegian words, and sharing lots of laughs, singing and dancing. Wednesday we said our goodbyes early, and Caitlin, Jaime and I headed on a 10 hour bus and ferry adventure to Alesund. I hope some day I can repay my friends with an unforgettable experience in Canada!


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