International Vikings

This is the breathtaking view from the top of Sula mountain near Ålesund, Norway!

After leaving Ole and friends in Rosendal; Caitlin, Jaime and I travelled 10 hours by bus and ferry to reach Ålesund. We had a few hiccups along the way, as expected when travelling! We arrived two hours late at the Moa bus station and missed our bus to the cabins we had on reservation. The next bus was early next morning and the weather was incredibly windy and non-temperate. We owe our lives to our lovely generous Norwegian friend Anna Sophia (Caitlins flat mate) who was on Easter holiday with her family in Ålesund. She insisted on picking us up, escorting us 30 minutes to our cabins, and helped us bang on the door to wake up the owner, Harry, to get our keys!

Two days later, Anna goes above and beyond again by picking us up and taking us hiking in these incredible mountains you see here! The most unbelievable part is her grandparents have built a cabin 1 km up the mountain. By hand. It is evident the traditional cabin holds ample history, and it was truly an experience just to be there and to be welcomed into their home. It is interesting not only because of the amazing view from their cabin, but every piece of wood, furniture, food, has been or carried up the mountain to build and sustain these cabins! Still today, her grandparents climb the mountain at least twice each month.

Anna Sophia’s mom was kind and generous, and prepared some snacks, ready for us when we arrived. Afterwards, her parents joined us to hike to the top of the snow covered mountains. The video shows the breathtaking view from the top!


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