Mini Uka i Ås

April 8, 2014


There was a festival last week, here on campus at NMBU, called “Mini Uka”. This was my first ever Uka celebration and what an experience it was! It began Wednesday April 2 with a 3000 meter BEER RUN – Let’s just say you were the lucky one if you didn’t puke! Chugging a beer every 400 meters in a race sounds easy but after that second beer shit gets difficult! In the matter of 10 minutes 300 people went from pretty normal to hugging, screaming and over the top drunk (sorry grandparents).

From what I’ve noticed and what everyone else knows as a given fact, is that this is typical Norwegian. Norwegians are generally pretty reserved and not going to put themselves outwards to meet new people when they’re sober, but put a beer in their hand, they become drunk and are suddenly crazy and your new best friend.

Beer Run

Race Day

Registering for the race

Among other events, later that night I went to the Nico & Vinz concert at Samfunnet. I wasn’t sure who they were at first but now I can’t stop listening to their music. A Norwegian talent that will be big worldwide soon! Check out there song Am I Wrong if you haven’t already.


That weekend I had my childhood friend Amy Tattrie over – she is also on exchange at the Aarhus University in Denmark until June. I am thrilled to have had her stay with me, this was definitely the best weekend for it with so many activities going on, like The Amazing Race, Car Bingo, and shows and concerts at Samfunnet. Friday we volunteered at the Amazing Race Intl. Stand for a few hours, then headed back to Pentagon for some drinks outside in the sun!


Crazy friends


Photo booth at Samfunnet

Many students put a lot of time and effort into making this Mini Uka the best possible and I’d say it was very successful! I can only imagine how amazing the real two week UKA in October will be.. If only I could come back to experience that!

Shelby Lynne Jamieson


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