Tromsø – 300 km North of the Arctic Circle

March 17th, 2014

I just had an inexplicably amazing weekend in the city of Tromsø (2nd largest city that far up North, in the world) As a group of ~30 International students, we flew in Friday March 14th and stayed at Tromsø cabins until Monday.

The first night, my friend Caitlin and I started a camp fire and shared roasted marshmallows and delicious S’mores with everyone. The countless amounts of Portuguese red wine and  Spanish Sangria involved made it even better (and warmer).

Saturday, my friends and I went into the city centre and explored an aquarium at the Polaria Museum, where they had a seal feeding show and spectacular nature videos. We also visited a glass shop and saw a demonstration of how to make a glass polar bear.

Sunday followed by watching my fellow Canadian Stephen at his hockey game, as he and his team mates whooped Tromsø 2-9. Afterwards, I took the cable car up the mountain with some Spanish folks, hoping to see the Northern Lights, but instead saw a beautiful view of the city which was still just as great for me and quite possibly one of the most amazing sites I have seen in my life. At the top of the mountain there was a cosy restaurant and cafe were we stayed by the fire for a few hours. If I ever go back to Tromsø, this is one spot I would definitely recommend and visit again.

It was so nice to see this post card version of Norway; everything was so perfect, It was hard to leave!

Shelby Lynne Jamieson


Tromsø // March 14th-17th 2014


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