Weekend in London

March 6th, 2014

After finding a cheap ticket to England, (www.ryanair.com) me and my friend Jo decided to take the plunge and book it. It was inexplicably exhilarating to go on such a weekend adventure to LONDON!

We arrived on a beautiful Saturday morning, sun shining, and 9 degree weather. We were already really tired from sleeping in the airport all night but ready to go nonetheless.

First things first, we took the bus to Baker St. to meet Joshua, who we stayed both Saturday and Sunday night with. Overall we saw several significant tourist attractions, namely the Tower bridge, London bridge, Buckingham Palace (Changing of the guards) and the Harry Potter Kings Cross platform  9 3/4. Unfortunately, the line up was pretty crazy to take your picture with the magic wall so we snapped a quick pic and headed out!

Although I only visited the UK for two days, it was still a shock to see the cultural differences. Instead of comparing everything to Canada, I found myself critically thinking in terms of Norway since I’ve been living here for a while now. It seems I have gotten so used to the way of life here that it seems so casual. (Houses, cleanliness, environment, food, NOK etc..)

Overall, my favourite part of London was observing the tall and cramped houses, the road paint that tells you which way to look before crossing the road, the unique black taxi cabs and red double deckers, red phone booths, as well as the beautiful architecture and stunning British Gardens. Oh, and Oxford St. of course for a little shopping.

All in all, I love the UK and I really hope I have the opportunity to visit again in my life time. I would prefer to have a longer visit though; there is so much to see and do. Next time I will make sure to catch a football match because then you have truly been to England!

Shelby Lynne Jamieson


England // March 1st-3rd 2014


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