Culture Shock…

“People become aware of their culture when they stand at it’s boundaries, when they encounter other cultures, or when they become aware of other ways of doing things or merely contradictions to their own culture.”
– Anthony P. Cohen

As I was sitting in my seemingly difficult masters course yesterday-Conflict and Development-this quote caught my attention. Because I completely agree with it; I wasn’t fully aware of what it is to be Canadian until after I left home for the very first time (to another country, not to Truro lol). Things that used to seem normal or easy to me now aren’t, such as buying meat in the grocery store (I bought horse meat instead of pepperoni for pizza the other day..we didn’t use it). Also, I eat dinner around 4 or 5 at night, and my friends here from France, Italy and Spain normally eat around 9-midnight, so it’s sometimes difficult to eat together. Or the fact that abroad I represent a whole country that says “eh”, eats maple syrup and plays hockey. Is that what it means to be Canadian?

Regardless of  how traditions of other countries may contradict your own way of thinking, like religion, language, or meals, it’s not something to frown upon. It’s not weird or something to judge. It’s simply noticing  the way you do things is different, and I think there’s something to learn from that!

Shelby Lynne Jamieson

Trying Indian Breakfast
Trying Indian Breakfast

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