Cheers to Scandinavia

In January 2014, I came to Norway to begin my first study abroad experience at NMBU. Although I have lived abroad before, each experience is different and equally life changing. For me, A big part of moving away from home is leaving my loved one, friends and family but my new friends have truly made the transition so much better!

1545666_10152595719128345_1866658082_nCaitlins Dessert Birthday Party

A little tour of my time here so far. First weekend here, some friends and I took a train to Oslo for some sight seeing. Oslo is the capital and most populated city of Norway. It is also the home of an old trading harbour, Oslo Fjord and the Kings Palace! Here I experienced canals, pigeons, city central skating, expensive shops and an expensive $20 MacDonald meal (this explains why Norwegians are so fit and healthy?)

Oslo, Norway

In the evenings, I settle in at the second pictured residence building, named “pentagon”. Each building has several apartments, which 6 people share a common kitchen and bathroom. I even heard there is a sauna in the basement but I haven’t tried it out yet!


I spend my days hanging out with these little ladies, learning how to skate and falling down laughing. I don’t know what I would do without their unconditional support and group dinners!

As time is of the essence, that was just a skim review of my two weeks here so far. I am planning a few good trips so there should be some good posts to come! Cheers for now, or Norwegian style “Skål” !

Shelby Lynne Jamieson


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